Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce Solutions

The world financial system is changing; these companies are leading the way in Innovative Ecommerce solutions for payments, rewards and digital currencies

Mobile Technology

Mobile Technologies

These tech companies are revolutionizing communication technology over mobile devices by providing unique mobile solutions to keep up with the new world of mobile computing.

Computer Technologies

Computer Technologies

These companies are the best small to mid size Computer Technology Companies around the world; learn why they are great investments.

manufacturing and robotics

Manufacturing and Robotics

These companies are leading innovation for the manufacturing and robotics industry, investing in automation save time and money.

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Internet Technology Sector                        Green Technology Sector     

Medical / Health Sector                               Mobile Technology Sector     

Resource Technology Sector                     Robotics / Manufacturing Sector     

Software Technology Sector

Latest Tech News

Undercover entrepreneurs: fearful Mexican tech startups shun spotlight
In Mexico's burgeoning startup scene, publicity is the last thing many entrepreneurs want.
  • U.S. chipmaker Broadcom told to stop exclusivity deals till EU probe ends
    U.S. chipmaker Broadcom has been ordered to halt exclusivity deals with six TV and modem makers for up to three years while EU antitrust...
  • Ride-hailing companies Uber, Lyft won't testify before Congress
    Uber Technologies Inc and Lyft Inc declined to appear on Wednesday at a U.S. House of Representatives hearing on issues relating to the ride-hailing industry,...
  • UK watchdog opens formal probe of Amazon Deliveroo deal
    Britain's competition regulator said on Wednesday it had launched a formal investigation into Inc's investment in food delivery company Deliveroo, setting a Dec. 11...
  • Huawei's third-quarter revenue jumps 27% as smartphone sales surge
    Huawei Technologies Co Ltd's third-quarter revenue jumped 27%, driven by a surge in shipments of smartphones launched before a trade blacklisting by the United States...
  • Broadcom says EU antitrust order will not impact business, will challenge it
    U.S. chipmaker Broadcom said on Wednesday that an EU antitrust order to halt certain business deals with six TV and modem makers will not...
  • Technical foul: Chinese traders in online sneaker market punish NBA after HK controversy
    On Oct. 4, a Chinese trader noticed a sharp drop in the price of crypto tokens backed by Nike's Air Jordan sneakers on a U.S.-based...
  • EU's Vestager to hold news conference 09:30 GMT, spotlight likely on Broadcom
    European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager will hold a news conference at 9:30 GMT, the European Commission said on Wednesday, with the focus expected to be...
  • Gold is shinning bright in 2014

    Gold is already up $120 in 2014.  

    Gold Bars

    Maybe it’s time investors revisit the gold story, with physical shortages and willing buyers, we may never see under $1250 an ounce again. 

    While gold it not the most exciting tech story, there is a good chance that gold will be reintroduced into the monetary system for commerce and payments. 


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    Cannabis stocks get High.

    Cannabis Leaf

    The medical marijuana industry is get higher and higher as Gov't. deregulation goes main stream. 

    These companies are lighting up your portfolio returns.


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    Bio Tech

    Bio Tech

    These companies are leading the way in Bio Tech Industry with innovative research, trials and patents for the new drugs and cures coming to the medical industry.

    Health / Medical

    Health & Medical

    These companies making miracles happen in the medical and health care industry with life changing products and services, investing in these health tech companies will improve lives.

    Green Tech

    Green Tech

    These Green Tech Companies are leading the way in the “Going Green Revolution” by introducing green technologies to bring Eco-Friendly products, services and solutions to market.

    Energy Tech

    Energy Technology

    These companies are using technology to energize our future and lighting the way for a clean and more efficient use of energy sources, they are investing in our energy needs.