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Natcore Technology is the exclusive licensee, from Rice University, of a remarkable new thin-film growth technology. Although the implications of this discovery for semiconductors and fiber optics are significant and wide-ranging, our technology has two immediate and compelling applications in the solar sector:

It could enable silicon solar cell manufacturers to reduce silicon usage by over 60%— thereby dramatically decreasing costs, improving profit margins and boosting throughput.

Most importantly, it promises to allow, for the first time, mass manufacturing of super-efficient (30%+) tandem solar cells with double the power output of today’s most efficient devices. Projections show our process has the potential to allow these solar cells to be manufactured at a lower cost than anything currently commercially available.

Having been independently tested and verified by one of the world’s most respected science and technology laboratories, Natcore’s technology is now ready to be commercialized. Our goal: to make stand-alone solar energy competitive with conventional power generation.

In other words, we’re a little company trying to change the world in a very big way.

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Natcore Technology Begins Trading on OTCQB

Rochester, NY — (July 22, 2015) —Natcore Technology Inc. (TSX-V: NXT; OTCQB: NTCXF; DAX: 8NT) has been approved to trade on OTCQB, an over-the-counter marketplace organized for venture-stage or early-stage companies.

This is an upgrade from OTC Pink (the “pink sheets”), where Natcore had previously traded. To be quoted on OTC Pink, companies are not required to file with the SEC. But on June 2, Natcore announced that it had become fully reporting with the SEC, a prerequisite to being upgraded to OTCQB.

On the OTCQB, Natcore’s trading symbol will continue to be NTCXF, as it was on OTC Pink.

“The U.S. is the largest financial market in the world,” says Chuck Provini, Natcore’s president and CEO. “The OTCQB alone puts us in a marketplace where there were $63 billion in trades last year. We remain listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSX-V), where there were $15 billion in trades in 2014. Combined, the two will offer Natcore investors outstanding liquidity and trade execution.”

American investors can now follow Natcore on, where share prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.  On TSX-V, they are quoted in Canadian dollars.

OTC Markets Group Inc. organizes securities into marketplaces to distinguish levels of opportunity and risk: OTCQX, which it calls “The Best Marketplace with Qualified Companies”; OTCQB, positioned as “The Venture Stage Marketplace with U.S. Reporting Companies”; and OTC Pink, described as “The Open Marketplace with Variable Reporting Companies.”

Natcore was organized in August 2007. The company went public in May 2009 on the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSX-V). In June 2013, the company also became listed on the Quotation Board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, where its symbol is 8NT.

About Natcore Technology

Natcore Technology is focused on using its proprietary nanotechnology discoveries to enable a variety of compelling applications in the solar industry. Specifically, the company is advancing applications in laser processing, black silicon and quantum-dot solar cells to significantly lower the costs and improve the power output of solar cells. With 59 patents (24 granted and 35 pending) Natcore is on the leading edge of solar research.

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