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WordLogic is the global leader in predictive text input technology. With over ten years of advanced, research and development, WordLogic holds multiple patents that turn ordinary touch screens into a dynamic doorway of limitless possibilities AND opportunities.

WordLogic’s interface has revolutionized touch screen devices ranging from smartphones to tablets and even keyboard enabled phones and PCs. Our technology saves users significant time and effort by giving them the ability to rapidly enter text through our sophisticated multiple word learning prediction engine.

WordLogic Keyboard

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WordLogic has developed two cloud based software programs. One is the predictive keypad called "iKnowU"  which is an award-winning keyboard with rich intuitive features and uses state-of-the-art patented technology.  The other program the next generation of search engines called "Reach" which uses the keypad to search while you are typing.  

"IKnowU" is a predictive text program which makes data entry into your cell phone or computer easier - less key strokes, increased accuracy and a huge time saver.  It also predicts groups of words and no one else does this. 

WordLogic Reach

"Reach" is scheduled to launch the second quarter of 2014. It will change the way we use our cell phones as it searches all your apps and the internet at the same time while you are typing. This app will eliminate cutting, pasting and jumping from one app to another. 

"Reach" is also revenue generating, as you click on a company in your search, WordLogic gets paid for directing you there. It is also linked to the coupon companies so just before you buy something you can see if there is a coupon that you can download and get the discount right away.   They are already have a portfolio of partners including Yellow Pages and GroupOn, with many more to come.

Their software based keyboard technologies includes many predictive features like Wordchunking, Rapid Info Retrieval, Refine Search, Intuitive Search, Multi Level Prediction, Dynamic Text and Dictionaries.  

The company’s software technology is being used in many vertical markets including Healthcare, Utilities, Legal and Consumer Electronics. However, the possibilities for their smart and intuitive keyboards are endless. 

Media Coverage

The company is featured in an article in the Globe and Mail. 

Link to Globe and Mail article: http://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/financial-press-WordLogic-39-reach-next-generation-search-131700797.html

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